Today’s House Special: Raw Coke presented by in state collective Pretty Ugly. This duo hailing from Ninja state Colorado are made up of Timeline and Daytona Velasquez. All you Ninja’s were first exposed to them back in December when we introduced you to their The Almost EP. That was just the start of what they had in store for us. Keeping the momentum going they continue to combine the trip-hop influences of Daytona with Timeline’s vision of anything and everything dub.

   As broken beat as they come this song delivers a true glitch sound entangled with small vocals that vibe just perfect with the track. Refining their sound since first starting together in ’07 this original really delivers. The jumping glitch sound from the high synths surrounds the the broken 2 step pattern of the drums all the way into the first drop where the duo really gets to show off their experienced producing skills. Finding hardworking under appreciated local artists like this who have really refined their craft is what keeps us all scouring the internet everyday.

’Raw Coke by Pretty Ugly(Timeline and Daytona) – Dubstep.NET Exclusive’
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