Throughout time Sundays have historically become known as a day centered around cathartic rest and self soothing. Here at TMN we fully understand and emphasize this inherent need to simply sit down, relax and rejuvenate your mind and body from your weekend endeavors. Whether listening to our weekly Chill Dojo, reading, or taking a much needed  ‘siesta’, Sundays are about self preservation. Unfortunately, as with all great things in life, not everything can go according to plan. Sundays can quickly develop into a day filled with a seemingly insurmountable amount of daunting tasks and activities.For a select group of people, myself included, the only motivation to take on this endless list of drudgery is a healthy dose of filthy bass music.

Recently, the extremely talented duo Protohype & Kezwik released their Problematic / Hold On EP  which undoubtebly will put a true basshead in the mood to take on the world. The first track of the EP, “Problematic”, has seen its fair share of play throughout the festival season and definitely deserves an official release. Sporting fierce wobbles, punishing bass and a masterful BPM transition from dubstep to that of drumstep, this track hits extremely hard! The second track of the EP, “Hold On”  is my personal favorite of the EP and emphasizes the immense talent these two young producers possess. “Hold On” flaunts epically melodic synths and vocal splicing intertwined with Protohype & Kezwik’s signature  heavy growling bass. If Sunday has tragically presented itself as a day of work instead of a day of rest, this EP may be the perfection jolt needed to put your body in motion. Enjoy.

’Protohype & Kezwik – Problematic (Original Mix)’
’Protohype & Kezwik – Hold Your Breath (Original Mix)’

Problematic / Hold On was released October 31st via Simplify Recordings.

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