It is into The Woods with this new EP released today by one of our young favorites PatrickReza. This four track EP is the unique sound and electronic/dubstep melody we have come to love from Reza.

He starts out with “Ritual”, a song that reminds me of dancing around a fire in the middle of the woods. It is a strong melody with repetitive vocals and intense drum beats and drops with the help of guitar chords. The next song, “Prey”, is the sound of background music to be played if you were being hunted in the woods. Dark and haunting electronic sounds cater this song with the pace constantly speeding up and slowing down, just like running footprints on a wooded path. “The Woods” and “Tribe” are solid songs, again, Reza shows his ability to mix any electronic sound with any dubstep sound and make some music magic. This is one little trip to the forest you won’t want to miss out on, just watch out for a wolf in a red cape.

’The Woods’
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