Varien & SirensCeol
Moonlight (feat. Aloma Steele)

The mysterious Monstercat label has struck the internet again, and this time with the help from Varien! and SirensCeol. With our week looking pretty stacked with great music, these two just had to throw on an extra load of feels to our batch and give us some goosebumps to last the rest of the day.

Varien and Sirenceol are both notorious for their abstract, uplifting sound. Whether it be SirensCeol’s melodic breakdowns or Varien’s intricate use of detail, the two were bound to join forces and combine their articulate minds. So they got together and created one of the most beautiful tracks to date, “Moonlight”. The power, depth, and artistry behind this track reveals an eerie beauty that lingers in your soul. The delicate melodies and the soothing vocals of Aloma Steele bring forth a much more intrinsic value to “Moonlight”.  Varien! and SirensCeol really blew us away with this song and have ultimately changed the realm of dubstep from here on out.

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