What do you think of when you hear the word dream? Do you picture yourself flying among the clouds? Do you picture yourself moving in slow motion among the waves of the ocean? Or, by a crazy chance, do you hear music? Close your eyes and put on Rogue’s new song “Dreams”, featuring Colorado native Laura Brehm, and you will be transformed to a certain dream world. The song starts with the building up of electric beats followed by the smooth voice of Brehm. The song quickly speeds up with combative drum beats and slight drops followed by massive pick-ups. Rogue carefully takes Brehm’s angelic voice and mixes it to capture the feel of every point in the song, from speaking directly to the listener, to a duet between the two of them combined with piano scales. His whole EP, released just a few days ago, has three other explosive songs besides “Dreams” that are not to be missed. Rogue captures the true feeling of being alive while dreaming away. Keep an eye out for this young up and coming music producer from the UK, his beats will become your dreams.

’Rogue – Dreams (feat. Laura Brehm)’
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