Christopher Mercer AKA Rusko may be without a doubt one of the most incendiary forces in all of EDM. After the release of his last full length album Songs in March it became wildly apparent that the tension was brewing between the English Dubstepper and his former label Mad Decent. Despite the apparent reconciliation between Mad Decent and Rusko surrounding his last release, Rusko came out a couple weeks ago to delcare that his latest effort, his Kapow EP would be released for free by none other than himself. Relying solely on his fans for promotion, Rusko has decided to release his music how and when he wants. The EP features four distinct tracks which clearly display that Rusko is pushing the boundaries of both his creativity and productional ability all the while maintaining those signature Rusko wobbles and squeals we’ve grown to love. Featuring tracks like “Bring It Back”  a more melodic tune chalk full of squeaks, bleeps and bloops to “Like This” a glitch-hop infused banger featuring vocal samples from the Crookers remix, this EP is without a doubt some of Rusko’s most diverse work. Make sure to give each song a listen, grab the free download and if you’re a fan make sure to spread the word. Enjoy!

Download the EP for Free Here!

’Rusko – Yeah’
’Rusko – Booyakasha’
’Rusko – Bring It Back’
’Rusko – Like This’
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