Ducked Ape
Night Walk

Not all album releases are the same. Some artists choose to push the boundaries of sound, some utilize stunning visuals to enhance the feel of the music, and then there’s a duo called Ducked Ape who wrap both of these things inside an amazing story to create an innovative experience like no other. Their debut album Follow is truly a stroke of genius, electing to release each of the ten tracks in stages spanning every couple of days, with each new piece revealing the next chapter of the story which inspired it. Designed to capture the child-like imagination inside you and delight your ears with their magical composition, this is a tale that is well worth following from beginning to end. Here at The Music Ninja, we’ve been lucky enough to be given the first look at Chapter 3, ‘Night Walk’.

As the spectacular artwork suggests, we have arrived at a mysterious point of the story, the song’s opening conveying a nervous wonder at what may lay in store. The punchy beat replicates that of a rapidly beating heart wandering through this night-filled environment that is so vividly created through each intricate element layered into the soundscape. A brief subsidence to the beat narrates a key moment in the chapter, giving way to an enchanting piano melody that leads us ever deeper into this mystical world. The musical progression of this track is a masterful piece of production in its own right, but to enjoy something much richer than sound alone through word and image is truly a work of art to behold.

To soak up the full experience and re-ignite your desire to explore the unknown, make sure to place your bookmark in Follow and come along for the wondrous ride.

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