For a lack of a better way to describe our feelings, let’s just say we are downright delighted that THE MUSIC NINJA will be covering Electric Daisy Carnival‘s debut event in Las Vegas this year, happening June 24th, 25th, and 26th. Sure, we loved going and seeing our favorite acts in Electronic Music in the heart of Los Angeles in years’ past, as much as the next raver. But nonetheless we are ready to brave the new frontier; and we’re ever-curious, as we are unbelievably excited (and slightly nervous…) to witness the premiere of EDC, along with 130,000+ others, in America’s epicenter for unparalleled glitz & glam and omnipresent self-indulgences – Sin City baby!!!

We have lots and lots to preview. But below you’ll find just the freshest sonic selection of new music from EDC-bound artists; and just a small dose of what’s to come from THE MUSIC NINJA as we gear-up for the grandest gathering of EDM fiends in the West, Electric Daisy Carnival in LAS VEGAS!!

Toronto two-piece Zeds Dead will be dropping electro-dub bombs on the very first day of EDC – and if you heard their 10-track-deep exclusive mix for Kissy Sellout‘s show on BBC Radio 1 last Thursday, then you know that these boys have HEAPS more unreleased tunage that they’ll be anxious to drop come their EDC day!!
ZEDS DEAD: Saturday 3:30am-4:15am bassPOD


BONUS: Fresh Reflip from ZD

The Electric – Toot Toot (Zeds Dead Remix)

’Toot Toot (Zeds Dead Remix).mp3′

Diplo in cahoots with Douster just dropped a bouncy new little number: as expected it’s filled with dramatic quirky sample-breaks and an unexpected progression, along with that “addicted-at-first-listen” effect all of Diplo’s tracks seem to have on all us Mad Decent-philes, and on crowded dance floors alike. Expect to hear a healthy dose of new Major Lazer jungle beats at EDC, as Diplo & Switch declared this past week that they’ve just about wrapped-up all productions on their forthcoming release. Get ready to get yo’ bad gal on and make ample room for daggering.
MAJOR LAZER: Friday 4:30am – 6:00am in the neonGARDEN.

Diplo, Douster – ON!


MOAR MAHJAH LAYZAH: Major Lazer’s new track below “Original Don” featuring Beenie Man is rumored to drop some time this coming week (!!!!!!!). But if you’re like us and you’re no good at waiting for this kind of shit, here’s a slick preview of the DON in full live force here!:

Although I was sad to learn Feed Me is not actually a tiny green toothy-grinned monster in real life, by no means whatsoever do I think his EDC set will be anything less than FUCKING MONSTROUS. When I saw him last week in San Diego at Voyeur Nightclub I was absolutely blown away: this hungry UK man of a few other familiar faces (SPOR being his drum n’ bass alter ego) has master-minded a positively savage brand of growling yet melodic indie electro that causes his crowds to fiend for his addictive happy-go-lucky jaw-grinding drops. After witnessing unbelievable support across for Feed Me’s debut album released off Mau5trap, “Feed Me’s Big Adventure”, Feed Me has aurally stimulated us once again, this time with his new “To The Stars” EP. Along with a hefty sonic arsenal of his own original dynamic floor-flooders, prepare yourself for the FEEDING – one that will take your body and your minds to astronomical new heights. You’ve been warned, mate.
FEED ME: Saturday 10pm-11pm neonGARDEN

Feed Me – Pink Lady (Original Mix)

’Pink Lady – Original Mix.mp3′

Brace yourselves for the GORE-STEP assault: Recklessly unleashed out of Tel Aviv and ready to seep into any available aural crevices, Borgore‘s viciously grimy brand of dubstep is an unrelentingly motherfucker. His fresh as mint “DELICIOUS EP” now available on, is a heavy serving of top-notch evil, bit-crunching stabs, and his boundlessly raunchy lyrics will likely offend everyone. But hey, the girls seem to love it and it’s all in good fun, right? If you’re anxious for an equally high-octane and totally corrupt hour-long sonic experience, do not pass on Borgore’s set.
BORGORE: Friday 11:30pm-12:30am bassPOD

Borgore – Gloryhole (Instrumental)

’04 Gloryhole – Instrumental.mp3′

Don’t sleep on one of Stockholm’s finest forward-music making two-piece, SAVAGE SKULLS. Members, Måns Glaeser, is one of Sweden’s most renowned party producers and Carli Löf, is one of the most in-demand remixers across the board. However together they are SAVAGE SKULLS: where their talents shine at their true brightest. Annie Mac, the Mad Decent crew, among countless others have been singing their praises as of recent, especially with their unbelievably sexy and clearly massive reflip of Familjen’s track “Det Var Jag“. Beyond that, it’s exciting as hell that they’re going to be taking down the decks at EDC.

Familjen – Det Var Jag (Savage Skulls Remix)

’det var jag (savage skulls remix).mp3′

Savage Skulls’ brand new mini-mix they did for London-based radio station and global bass music taste-making phenom, RINSE.FM, features their own originals and remixes, with tropical breakbeats, uplifting dance hall riddims, and jacked-up house drops. This mix acts as a mere preview of the insuppressible abundance of energy and the imminent crowd-wide combustion bound to occur during Savage Skulls’ performance.
SAVAGE SKULLS: Friday 1:30am-2:30 neonGARDEN stage.

I’ve been grinding my teeth with fiendish delight since the moment I was graced with the confirmation of Flux Pavilion & Doctor P‘s presence at Electric Daisy Carnival – Vegas. However, come the release of the confirmed line-up, to my utter dismay I’ve found Flux Pavilion to be absent from the line-up. (PANIC. BUTTON.) In an effort to keep my cool, I’m just going to keep telling myself that Flux Pavilion is surely one of the TBA artists, illustrated on the blank spots in the official line-up. Deep breaths.

Thus moving on, UK’s dubstep production giants and co-founders behind CIRCUS RECORDS, DOCTOR P and FLUX PAVILION are currently in the midst of a massive North American tour together, and will be making their much anticipated stop at Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas this year. Their appropriately-titled “Takeover Mix!” has been released in order to properly celebrate the very occasion. This massive 2-hour-long radio mix includes mini-mixes from Funtcase, Cookie Monsta, unreleased tracks off Circus Records, and their own back-to-back mix by themselves.

Flux Pavilion & Doctor P Takeover! Mix (Track list Download)

Just released on Beatport, Doctor P’s version of “Tetris” rips apart all those digital building-blocks and makes a mess all over the living room floor. Make sure you put all your toys away before cranking the volume up on this destructive little number.

Doctor P – Tetris

’Tetris – Original Mix.mp3′

DOCTOR P: Sunday 12:45am-1:45am bassPOD.
FLUX PAVILION: ????????????

Stay tuned for more official MUSIC NINJA EDC updates!!


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