Birthdayy Partyy
Unwrapped (ft. Rico Act)

For each of us Birthday parties are a once a year event. However Birthdayy Partyy is here to make sure the party doesn’t stop ever. This duo of twins has come forth with their debut single “Unwrapped” featuring rapper Rico Act. Break out the balloons, red solo cups and any other gear you need, Birthdayy Partyy has officially started.

Coming from Chicago these two have obviously been influenced by house music, but their song isn’t as straightforward as that. The hip-hop introduction really sets the stage for what’s to come – that being some dirty basslines blending the groove of G house with the energy of electro. “Unwrapped” doesn’t stop their, the song changes with the second drop, but we’ll leave that as a surprise for you. It’s only their first single and we’re already at the edge of our seat for more. Safe to say we won’t be leaving Birthdayy Partyy anytime soon! Make sure to take “Unwrapped” home with you by grabbing the free download.

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