Having collaborated with a wide spectrum of artists including hip-hop singer Usher and downtempo/jazz artist Sia, David Guetta furthers his musical versatility by working with Alesso, and duo Tegan and Sara. The Canadian folk duo’s voices first gained mass recognition through Tiesto’s hit “Feel it in my Bones” and have most recently been featured in Morgan Page’s “Body Work”. This new track kicks off with Alesso’s relished elate sound and eases into Tegan and Sara’s dynamic interplay of vocals and signature silvern voices, which give the song its unforgettable hook.

Check out more of Guetta’s well-anticipated re-release of Nothing but the Beat, titled Nothing But The Beat 2.0, featuring Sia, Ne-Yo & Akon, Taped Rai, Nervo and more.

’Alesso & David Guetta feat. Tegan Quin & Sara – Every Chance We Get We Run (www.exQlusiv.com)’
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