Denver’s Gauntlet Hair wowed the internet with their debut track last year, and now they’re back with another, ‘Top Bunk’. The lead single off forthcoming self-titled album, ‘Top Bunk’ is a wild menagerie of sounds, all bursting forward and clamouring for the listener’s attention. It’s more spaced-out affair than their other work, with instrumentals that verge on shoegaze at times, before whirring back into a more energetic phase. It’s difficult to find a track to compare it to, but describing ‘Top Bunk’ as a condensed version of The Horrors’ ‘Sea Within A Sea’ comes close in conveying the disjointed rhythms and haunting vocals that demand constant relistening. A stellar return from Gauntlet Hair. ‘Top Bunk’ is featured on the forthcoming record ‘Gauntlet Hair’, available October 18 via Dead Oceans.

Gauntlet Hair – Top Bunk

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