Labeling a song Top of the World sets a pretty high bar before the listener even hits play. Go ahead though you ninja hit that play button, no need to be scared of a let down here. What the collaboration of Ansol & Dyro have laid before us is a monster that will consume your ears many times at the next festival you attend this summer. Way back in March the mighty Afrojack even managed to squeeze this one by during his Ultra set. The Canadian and Norway collective known as Ansol consists of Aki Nair and Sebastian Soll respectively. Ansol truly bring their unique way of overlaying main synths with echoing clean glitch sounds and just sprinkle it all over this track. The Dutch producer Dyro then put his hands on this project bringing the universe shattering energy that all Holland producers seem to have perfected, Dutch schools must have DJ workshops set up through out grade school cause the amount of talented artist they are pumping out is getting ridiculous. The vocals help to implant the feeling, overcoming you many times, that you are simply on a journey sky rocketing towards the moon to feel as though, yes I’m going to say it, your on top of the world. High flying synths, low pounding bass drive these vocals all the way to Electro House salvation. Your just a couple of clicks away from taking the track from beatport here and throwing it into your weekend party list.

’Ansol & Dyro – Top Of The World (Original Mix)’
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