Ahh. There’s nothing this ninja loves more in the EDM realm than some hard pounding electro house. Thankfully US based Producer/DJ duo Case & Point has provided us with just that. First up in their newly released Upgrade EP is the title track. “Upgrade” features razor sharp electro synths and a leg exhausting beat. This is one of those tracks that would instantly light up a dancefloor, and it probably will many times over in the coming months.

“Razor” has a much calmer build up, a funky bassline, and a beautiful progressive melody that plays nicely with the driving beats. This track was the perfect compliment to it’s much more aggresive brother, making quite the well rounded EP. Make sure to click “buy” and head on over to Beatport to pick this pack up. It’s sure to keep the party going, whether at home or at the club.

’Case & Point – Upgrade’
’Case & Point – Razor’
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