Some Chords (Andrei Stephen Remix)

Remember the “Some Chords” remix competition? Well, there was in fact a winner and that winner is Andrei Stephen, an eighteen year old from Canada. Youngsters are taking over the game, and he is set to be one of them. Sure, we only have one track, but I don’t think mau5trap would be putting the resources behind him if they didn’t see his potential.

Andrei has got sound design, and compositional skills that are beyond his years, as you can tell from his remix, which was a much deserved win. His electro style brings influence from the right places to bring the energy without watering down any other elements. Andrei’s remix will be fully released on June 22nd, but you can stream it now. Be on the lookout for this kid to bring some more tunes to the table soon, as he’s got to have some goodies tucked away.

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