It’s fair to say that the past few years have been massive for one of Colorado’s favorite sons, James Egbert, whose popularity continues to rise with every show he rocks and every banging track he produces. This year will surely only yield further glory as he launches into 2013 with another insane original called “Chopper”. The dramatic opening build-up evokes feelings of an impending military battle, with the bombs well and truly being dropped at the 1:45 mark, as an aerial assault of bass and gritty electro synths wreak havoc through your speakers. This is an epic tune that could easily fill the scene of a futuristic war film at its critical moment, and is further evidence of the artist’s ongoing development of his high-energy sound. Bunker youselves down and prepare to unleash the pure sound of blazing glory!

’James Egbert – Chopper (Original Mix) – OUT NOW!’
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