Was going to start the post by saying, here is another SOLID track by Mord Fustang and yet I just can’t bare to type just that. It would unjust and an insult to Mr Fustang. The more I listen to the new single ‘We Are Connected’ the more I love it. You see, the thing about the current state in the EDM world is that with its explosion in popularity over the last couple of months, especially in the United States of America, more people are looking for an aggressive sound, for the next club banger. Dubstep, brostep, and even a lot progressive house tracks are trying to out-do one another causing for many talented producers to be overlooked. We are definitely guilty of promoting the filth, as it seems to be one of our weak spots here at The Music Ninja. However, there is something to be said for a track that while minimalistic in comparison, can still produce an enormous amount of melody. We have to forget the ‘go hard or go home’ mentality currently plaguing the EDM world and appreciate the emotions that a track like this one invokes in us. Mord Fustang has created a beautifully evolving electro house single, kind of reminiscent of deadmau5’s earlier work yet still inherently unique. I can’t wait for more Mord Fustang in 2012.

Beatport: Mord Fustang – We Are Connected

’We Are Now Connected (Original Mix).mp3′

What are your thoughts on the current state of the EDM world? How do you think it has evolved in just 12 months?

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