PrototypeRaptor has definitely shown off his versatility of late with some impressive experimentation into new sounds and genres, but whether it’s a curse or a comfort, there will always be major love and demand for an artist’s classic style. In a way, the origins of their musical ambitions become timeless. Whether the title of this track is a nod to that point or not, ‘Timeless’ is definitely the perfect example of everything to love about the Oklahoman bass menace. It’s a strong blend of his early mixes and the maturity he has developed from constant work and progression. Featuring funky piano, bouncing chords and generous helpings of 8-bit flavour, it’s very reminiscent of his standout tune ‘Drive Hard‘, with a little added kick and gritty aggression to ensure it sends any crowd into a wild frenzy. The best part about this release though is that it comes with the announcement that this is just the first track in his soon-to-be-released sophomore album, Nostalgiarithm,  in two weeks time. There was definitely no better way to stir up excitement levels than with this free download, so make sure to snag it right away and keep it pumping until the rest of the album is unleashed.

’PrototypeRaptor –  Timeless (Free DL)’
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