Earlier in the week Russian DJ group Swanky Tunes released their newest hit, “Blood Rush”, a heavy electro house track. The song itself is a great example of amped up electro house. It’s heavy and hard with this awesome rawness to it that doesn’t let up.  The song develops extremley well, it has a great build up but doesn’t get repetitive and boring once it’s going, instead it switches between paces, rhythms and develops throughout the whole track. It adds different sounds and cords throughout all of it and is definitely one of Swanky Tunes best hits. With so many producers and DJs coming out of the east, Swanky Tunes manages to stand out and only get better. “Blood Rush” was released off their label Showland in Collaboration with Spinnin’ Records,  and is available on beatport here.

’Swanky Tunes – Blood Rush (Original Mix)’
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