Jolt [Warpath Records] OUT NOW

When we first read the press release about this tune, we were instantly intrigued. Wuki is a Denver boy, and as you know, we roll deep in Denver. While some might think that the Denver scene gets some favoritism, we can assure you that they’d be wrong. This fine city just happens to have ample amounts of talented musicians.

After we got over the fact that Wuki was from the 303, the thing that drew us to this track the most was it’s hard electro house nature. It’s been a while since we’ve heard dance floor devastating buzzing synths that assure every dancer in the room that they haven’t done enough cardio to keep up with this track. It’s big, glitchy, and has a depth in sound that you don’t hear everyday.

Yes, we may bleed orange and blue, but our true affinity in the Mile High City roots itself in artists like Wuki.

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