The progressive house anthem that Zedd laid out for the world to hear recently is just more proof of why he is one of the true rising producers right now. Upon hearing this song, though, the Los Angeles producer Congorock just decided it didn’t have enough debauchery going on, so Rocco Rampino, the man behind Congorock, threw in a little dash of his typical in-your-face flair. I say a little dash because he did an amazing job of just complimenting the track on this remix — not wreaking total havoc, but still giving the listener a fine amount of world rocking.

Saturating every synth he could get his hands on, this song takes on a very satisfying amount of raw electro beef. Compared to his most recent releases, “Agarta” and “Ivory”, which we have shown you on this site, this “Spectrum” remix shows Congorock taking a different approach than one would come to expect. While he hasn’t smashed any speakers in the making of this rework, it hardly means his signature power and energy have been left on his computer for the next project. It’ll still get you uncontrollably breaking out your dance moves. Snag the whole Spectrum EP, featuring this remix and others by Monsta, A-Trak and more, off Beatport here.

’Zedd Spectrum feat. Matthew Koma – (Congorock Remix)’
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Matthew Koma