Stuart Price, a name that I’m shocked I hadn’t heard until today, just dropped a couple of very exciting electro tracks under one of his many pseudonyms, Jacques Lu Cont. Price, also known as Les Rhythmes Digitales, Zoot Woman, Paper Faces, Adrien Brody, Man With Guitar, Thin White Duke, Pour Homme, S.D.P. and Crystal Pepsi has a career that spans 20 years, 3 grammys, and a number of nicknames that’s rivaled only by his amount of collaborations with world-famous musical acts. With a resume like that, it’s not surprising his recently released electro tracks are nothing less than amazing. The most recent (and most awesome) track, Church, is reminiscent of Daft Punk in their glory days, with a funkified bass, danceable drumline and some killer electro synth riffs to produce a song that is not only high quality, but defies the formulaic genre barriers of today’s EDM scene.

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