One of the great philosophers of our time once said, “Go Hard, or Go Home”. These 5 syllables are inspiring words to live by as they can be applied to all aspects of life. When it comes to dubstep, filthy “Dirty Electro” house music, I believe understanding this principle is crucial. When I am in the mood to over-saturate my auditory sensors, I want to go extremely hard.

Please skip this post if you:JANUARY-2010-ELECTRO-MUSIC-HOUSE

– Have sensetive ears to extremely low frequencies.
– Have heart/respiratory problems.
– Are afraid to blow up your speakers.
– Dont want your neighbors to call the police.

MSTKRFT – Breakaway (Blende Remix)

Black Noise Jungle Iz Em (take me away VIP)


Jennifer Delano – Amsterdam (BeatauCue Remix)


Calvin Harris – You Used To Hold Me LAIDBACK LUKE Remix


A.G.Trio – Dancen (Ultrnx Remix)


Justice -DVNO (Les Petits Pilous Remix)


ussle Club – I Have High Expectations For What I Want To Be But In The Mirror I Don’t See Them Staring Back At Me (Felix Cartal Remix)


Sekta – Peterpan (Sharkslayer Nassau VIP)


And if you endoured through all that, you can relax a bit with something softer:
Groove Armada – Paper Romance (Urchins Remix)

So Shifty + Ward 21 – Wine (Them Jeans Remix)


Know of any other CRAZY MONSTER BANGERS? Comment bellow!

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