Electro-soul—I think that is how I would describe Milagres’ new track “Glowing Mouth.” The Brooklyn based band has narrowly avoided being placed under one consistent genre for a while, and yet they exhibit great skill in nearly all arenas they place themselves in. With “Glowing Mouth” they demonstrate their finesse, and flexibility. It’s a perfect blend of electro and soul, and it feels delicately smooth. You could perhaps call it a more verbose and less minimalistic James Blake if you really wanted to, but really; it is its own sound. From the sweeping vocals to the smooth summery synths, nearly everything about this track can stand on its own, and do so well.

Glowing Mouth, the group’s upcoming LP drops on September 13th via Kill Rock Stars.

Milagres – Glowing Mouth

’Glowing Mouth’
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