JFK from MSTRKRFT and Death From Above 1979 has been busy at work. Not only has he been working on the new MSTRKFT album and touring with DFA, he’s also been the Exectuive Producer for the new Mortal Kombat game charecter themes. The game is getting a lot of hype and is set for a huge launch by Warner Brothers on the 18th April. The official themes soundtrack features an all star line up from the likes of JFK, Congorock, Felix Cartal and Run DMT.

Hector Sanchez, the producer from NetherRealm Studios said that Mortal Kombat has “had the great honor of being a vehicle to introduce new music genres to its fans”. This couldn’t be more true when a good friend of mine who’s a uuuber hardcore gamer and who only ever listens to indie rock music, excitedly announced last week his new passion for all things dirty electro since playing the demo & watching the trailers. Something I’d never thought I’d hear him say!

Here’s 2 of the tracks recommended (and we’d agree!) by Joesph from Nashville Nights that should give you a a feel for how the soundtrack feels.

25141_BD_reptile_color_122_64lo-e1302201565353 Skrillex – Reptile’s Theme

’Skrillex – Reptiles Theme’

This theme is just utter filth. Dropped by Skrillex at his Ultra set, we were anxious to get our hands on this beast. So much bass, so much filth – this is what Los Angeles boy Skrillex does best. Hit the play button and crank your speakers… it’ll be worth it.

Congorock – Liu Kang Theme.mp3

’Congorock – Liu Kang Theme’

Congorocks gained notoriety with his track Babylon and has kept a really consistant style across all his new tracks. This one is being released on the Teenage Riot Records and here’s Congorock had to say about his track. “So proud of this… I went for something more atmospheric and less clubby on this, still it feels like a dream coming true being part of this.”

Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired By The Warriors $5.99 at Amazon MP3


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