This duo hailing from Germany give us only two more days to prepare for when they let loose this massive wall of pure electro power. Prepare yourselves, ninjas, it’s about to get filthy. The first song, which has been appropriately titled “Swag,” and the second called “Big Splash” will leave absolutely no one with their feet solidly planted to the ground. Dangerous bass and jumpy hooks leave no room for the faint of heart in this preview. Those two songs just lead up to what is a massive attack of a track, simply called “Dog Safari”. I think the description from the Soundcloud page really says it best: “The faces you’ll make when you hear this EP will match those of most people that try to pronounce their (Ostblockschlampen) name.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. Enjoy.

Be sure to grab this when it releases September 14th on the Oh My God Its Techno Music label.

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