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Hook n’ Sling’s remix of Pocket 808‘s track “Ghostship” is so ridiculously opposite of the original, it’s sort of a headscratcher how this amazing remix came from well, this track. Both the dingos out of Pocket 808 and their mate Hook n’ Sling are straight outta the upside-down world of Aus, yet they most certainly produce two distinctively, polar sounds.

Pocket 808 seem to be surfing a salty set of glo-wave whitewashers — with a few extra strokes between a multiplicity of electronic rips, while Hook n’ Sling ferociously paddles into the dirty electro line-up, and drops in on way gnarlier bass-laden peaks: Massive sound waves that seem to tear up its dance floors with razor sharp bites and synthesized grinders. The sonar signals of Hook n Sling’s remix have been picked up by the aural radar, and was last spotted in Swedish House Mafia’s EDC set, as well as all across the DJ sphere — which really doesn’t surprise us at all. This track can be stretched wide across the spectrum of dance club DJ integration: It’s a long track with a huge potential to seamlessly slide into any set with cool easibility, with its extremely multi-faceted soundscape. And with the dark and sexy club edginess intermingling about halfway through — it’s positively swoonworthy

Pocket 808 – Ghostship (Hook ‘n Sling Remix)

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