San Francisco-based Mikey Maramag, AKA Blackbird Blackbird, dubs his music “dreamy folktronica,” which oddly enough, is the perfect description. His latest single, “All,” is a slow-burning mesmerizer. His soft, soothing vocals accompanied by a faint, echoing guitar set a minimalistic tone from the start, reminiscent somewhat of The xx. But the beauty is in the details that Maramag sprinkles all across the track, especially towards the end when he really lets loose and gets creative: glimmering synths, tropical island vibes, choir-like chanting, and more. “All” is the gift that keeps on giving.

Check out the music video for “All” here. Blackbird Blackbird’s EP Boracay Planet comes out October 16th via Lavish Habits.

’Blackbird Blackbird – All’
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