PROM is a band

There is something truly beautiful about today, everyone, and despite the 100 degree weather we are currently sitting through at 7: 45 in the evening, we have found comfort in this disgusting heat. Helping us find solace in the midst of our dripping sweat is Brooklyn duo, Ella Zoller and Gabriel Stanley (who collectively make up the band PROM). These two surprised us all and left us without words after stumbling upon their newly released song, “Flickers” (produced by Dave Weingarten). Bursting with vibrant instrumentals, spine-tingling melodies, powerful percussive elements, and a ying and yang effect to balance out Ella and Gabriel’s stunning vocals, “Flickers” is an enchanting piece of art that is bound to make you smile from ear to ear. PROM took an impressive leap into some of the most cutting and rewarding subgenres of electro-pop to which these two create a divine synchronicity within their harmonies.

“Flickers” essentially left us without words and we presume you might endure the same response. So prepare your heart to conduct a symphony for your mind and let these beautiful frequencies take you to new heights.

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