Open Your Eyes

It may take some time, but electro is definitely making a comeback. Although the style can be split between BPMs, the sound is much the same and today we’re sharing with you a midtempo marvel called “Open Your Eyes” by Solstis. This original is the third single off the duo’s upcoming debut album set for release next month.

“Open Your Eyes” doesn’t pull any punches with its warehouse ready basslines that are full of aggression and grit. This industrial-influenced monster may not be as fast paced as a lot of electro out there, but Solstis manages to input enough groove to get the perfect swing for a headbanger’s anthem. Raw, unrefined and truly a work of bass-driven art, “Open Your Eyes” is likely to continue to terrorize sets until the end of Summer 2018 and beyond. Best part about it is it’s a free download!

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