Chipped Tooth

Sometimes simplicity isn’t so simple. Meet Face+Heel, the Cardiff via Bristol based duo who are blending beats, synths and classical piano backgrounds in the most beguiling fashion. The composition is creative, the product effortless.

Taken from their forthcoming EP, title track “Chipped Tooth” follows the acclaim of last years debut with some masterfully crafted and contemplative electro-soul. A cool concoction of textured sound and clipped beats, blended with a mellifluous Rn’B-esque vocal. Chipped Tooth easily slides under an experimental status, but what is admirable here is the moderated and controlled curation. Face+Heel have managed to create the illusion of space within their sound. A considered and stark musical arrangement, with a dash of vocal polyphony for substance.

Imagine The XX procure the power of time travel and meet Portishead, cira Dummy recording and say “hey guys, could we make this album with you”? Well this is what that product would sound like. All encompassing late night bedroom musing material. Enjoy it.

“Chipped Tooth” is the title track, taken from the forthcoming EP Chipped Tooth. Available to download now and due for release on the 30th of September.

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