Mirror Signal.
Submarine Eyes [Radio Edit]

Sometimes I have to shake my head when I see what some of the world’s youth is up to. No, I’m not talking about the disappointing wonderment of seeing “Teen Mom” on my cable’s navigation, I’m talking about the ones who are doing it right. 19-year-old Steven Barker, better known as Mirror Signal, is one of those kids I admire.

This Nigeria-born, Suffolk-raised songwriters went from acoustics to Macbooks, perfecting his luscious, soulful sound in his bedroom. Meticulously crafting his debut EP, he developed a sound that’s been compared to the likes of James Blake, Jai Paul, and Sampha. Fast forwarding months of fan adoration, some live shows, and a ton of blogosphere attention; we’re now presented a brand new tune, “Submarine Eyes”

The tune is dripping with sensuality, percolating with a break-beat style percussion, sparingly used, accentuating synths and a urbane bassline. While the electro infused sound is remarkable, the true star of “Submarine Eyes” is the sharp and cunning lyrics, which seemingly fuse together with the instrumentals in a delicious harmony.

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