Brushing my teeth to this one this morning and just went NUTS! With New York DJ/Producer Proper Villains providing a ridiculously dirty bass and Dev letting loose some sweet vocals – this track ensured my toothpaste went everywhere!

With their recent success of “Like a G6” – what excites me more about The Cataracs is their music seems perfect for creating heavier re-mixes. Hopefully, as their sound keeps progressing, we’ll hear some more amazing tracks like this beauty from Proper Villains. Their next feature in the charts is set to be their collaboration with Snoop Dogg on his new single “Wet” but I’m more excited about their future solo tracks.

The Cataracs – Bass Down Low (Feat. Dev) (Proper Villains Remix)

’The Cataracs – Bass Down Low (Feat. Dev) (Proper Villains Remix) ‘
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