Take an Indie Rock track with a subtle hint of electro then add a not so subtle amount of proper Electro beef and you end up with this rework by Dirty Disco Youth. Pumping up the Swiss band’s song from second 1 this Hamburg Germany producer wastes absolutely no time opening up your ears to what his music is all about. A hefty electro bass carries the vocals all the way through, stopping only to allow a mello piano break momentarily before bringing all the noise back. The 21 year old really shows his experience to not overwork this track by adding any unnecessary flair. Reworking the original into a pounding Electro track Dirty Disco Youth continues to showcase the skills that got this producer of 7 years picked up early on by Steve Aoki, releasing a EP on Aoki’s label Dim Mak Records. Dirty Disco Youth now releases under his own label Oh My God It’s Techno Music.

’WHOS PANDA – Narcissist (Dirty Disco Youth REWORK)’
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