Bass Physics
Summer Solstice

Damn. The summer jams just keep coming and coming. They’re coming in such high volume that we’re running out of references to make. We’ve already covered wearing flip flops, hitting pool parties, festivals, and having your car windows being rolled down. The only thing that’s left is mowing the law, so we’ll go with that. So, when you’re out there mowing your lawn in the warm summer sun, it of course helps to have your favorite sunny music tunes to accompany your icy cold beer and ten year old tennis shoes. Every guy that read this post just nodded his head in agreement. Anyways, today we’re offering up something that will be perfect next time you throw your buds in and fire up the ol’ mower.

Colorado electronic hip hop duo Bass Physics released this groovy soulful tune just nine hours ago. This free download draws on influences from other great Colorado hip hop/electronica artist with it’s meticulous sampling, big rich bassline, and smooth percussion. Click “download” above to snag your copy. After all, your lawn is looking a little shaggy.

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