After our feature on Jontron last month, we felt that we should give some praise to someone he’s been collaborating with. DJ Dragon has been in the business for quite some time. He has a list of accolades longer than you can imagine, which stretch far beyond his hometown of Denver, Colorado. In Denver, he is the resident DJ at Beta Nightclub, which is always rated as one of the top clubs in the country and across the globe. Between producing some monster tracks of his own, he also travels the world. From Global Dance Festival (Hawaii, Red Rocks, Greece) to the recently epic Ultra Music Festival in Miami – you could easily say he is the consummate professional when it comes to his field.

His progressive house style and incorporation of electro and pop music is always a dance floor hit. His sets are energetic, and feature tracks that he’s produced under labels like, Ultra Records, Blackhole Recordings, PBR Records, and Caffeine Recordings. The podcast below is the most recent of free monthly releases that he does from Beta. Make sure to go to itunes and check it out – you won’t be disappointed.

Podcast – Live From Beta May 2011

’Podcast – Live From Beta May 2011′

Latest tracks by Dragon

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