Despite all of its craziness, you sort of have to love Los Angeles. Producer and electronic artist, Ryan York hails from that city of angels, and has given us the magnificent “He Sees On Through Her” (Real), which comes from his new album Unreleasables, which was—semi-ironically—released silently under the moniker of Asura on his BandCamp a few weeks ago.

One of the hardest things to recreate in electronic music is the organic and imperfect nature of non-computer generated audio, but it appears that Asura excels at this. The organic nature of “He Sees On Through Her” (Real) is what really pushes it beyond the barrier of typical electro, and into the outer reaches of brilliance. While the use of synthesizers is apparent, the drumbeats sound as pure as if they were made in the very same room you are in now. It’s rather human take on a predominantly machine environment, and it sounds brilliant.

Asura – “He Sees On Through Her” (Real)

”He Sees On Through Her” (Real)’

[via Indie Shuffle]

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