Bells and Robes
Latchkey (Feat. Flat Land)

Bells and Robes first popped up on my radar last year with their album release, “One Should See Sound Pt. II.” It features a few outstanding songs with the soft electronic tones and recorded elements that have shaped their signature sonic style–definitely a catalogue we’d recommend digging into. 

The other day I was happy to see that Bells and Robes are back with new music. There was a release a couple weeks ago that I missed, but luckily I stumbled on this new single, “Latchkey.” Expertly using the virtues of simplicity, the band delivers something special. Chilled keys, varied percussion and a soulful vocal part provided by the singer, Fae of Flat Land, is all Bells and Robes needs to deliver a laid-back and original sounding song. So listen up and be on the lookout for more music from this artist, I know I will be. Grab the free download above too!

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