“Colour In Your Hands” is the kind of song electronic music was made for; building like jenga bricks, one layer at a time. D.L.I.D. (Dick Laurent is Dead)┬ádrives the analogy forward with a big beat, timed snare hits, and a catchy vocal part that sits on top of the layering, allowing D.L.I.D. and Fink to choose which pieces to pull out, and when, until the whole song gradually begins to tumble and fall apart. When it finally does collapse and fade out, though, you aren’t yelling and hating yourself as you pick up wood blocks… Instead the song leaves you satisfied, but somehow wanting more.

D.L.I.D.- Colour In Your Hands (ft. Fink)

Colour In Your Hands (ft. Fink)’

via [avengethevirgin]

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