Among the countless electronic music producers of today, music fans repeatedly encounter artists lending styles to and from one another. From the massive build up and drops of major EDM artists, to the ever growing adaptation of future bass by up and coming artists, setting oneself apart as a musician is arguably more difficult now than ever.

Thanks to a multitude of recent releases by Daktyl`, Skrux, and Obesøn, listeners have grown accustomed to high quality, genre blending music from the successful Hegemon label, pushing an already progressive-thinking music scene further. Last week we were unexpectedly graced with the release of fellow Hegemon label mate Diversa’s latest EP, “Of the Mysterious Voice”.

The five track EP, released via his newly minted affiliation in London-based Inspected (home to talented artists Gemini and Zeds Dead) is a beautiful, thought-provoking collection of tunes loosely termed as drum and bass.

In “Of the Mysterious Voice”, Diversa graces his listeners with an album that distinctly stands apart from that of his peers. While the compilation is a technically gifted piece of work, the emotions conveyed upon first listen are key to its success.

Scattered through the EP are bits of ambient sound, serving the function of placing the listener in a specific setting while taking in each track. Sounds varying from subtle rainfall, detached sobs, and emotive gasps are laced faintly into the background of each song.

Building on previous success with notable tracks such as “Ego Death” and “I Love You For Existing,” Diversa’s EP is a weighty achievement in the ambient genre he has chosen to operate.

’DIVERSA – Comfort In Invisible’

The opening track “Comfort In Invisible” begins hazily with a hypnotizing piano sequence, layered with indistinguishable vocals throughout. The various layers of the song give the listener a surreal impression of floating in and out of touch with the music due to its subtle dynamic scale. This profound listening experience continues throughout the EP.

’DIVERSA – Crowning Touch’

“Crowning Touch” opens with much more certainty, layering a sharp piano solo with a stunningly impressive violin sequence, before introducing a fast-paced drum and bass section at 1:24. While Diversa displays versatility within the churning bass-filled scope this EP operates in – elements of break beat and heavy percussion are staples of Crowning Touch.

’DIVERSA – Water For Your Heart’

The first single from the EP, “Water For Your Heart”, is a complex and lengthy piece worthy of its own post entirely. The single strikes listeners as a departure from the drum and bass theme, unique among the other tracks in its discernable vocalizations. Evoking a sound somewhere between the soothing future R&B productions of Atu and the more downtempo creations of Explosions in the Sky, Water for Your Heart is certainly the most distinct song.

’DIVERSA – Burning House’
Diversa’s most inspiring track, “Burning House” starts as a muffled yet substantive piano melody in G minor, followed shortly thereafter with the album’s thematic use of ambient sound. The insertion of expressive melodic elements on this track coincides with the crackles of a blazing wildfire – presumably of a burning house as the track title suggests. The ingeniously timed dynamics and heavy content of Burning House set it apart as a particularly moving piece amongst the 5 track “Of the Mysterious Voice”.
’DIVERSA – Atrophy Of Hope’

The concluding track, “Atrophy of Hope” is a more lighthearted tune. With a particularly loud bass line, ambient drums, and a healthy dose of synthesizer, this short track wraps up the EP and brings the listener back from the journey they departed on at the outset of the album.

Be sure to give this record an interrupted listen and enjoy it as the musical journey it was intended to be. Of The Mysterious Voice can be purchased here.

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