CTL f. Stan Carrizosa

One artist who has quickly grabbed our attention in a big way is DUX out of Los Angeles. Not only does DUX provide high-quality records, but their uniqueness is something that has sparked our attention since the project began. Despite just releasing a single around two weeks ago, we already have another, but we’re certainly not complaining.

DUX’s latest single is called “CTL” and it features Stan Carrizosa on vocals. “CTL” is one of those records that causes instant relaxation. It’s got some groove to it, despite it not being a dance-centric record. It’s more like an electronic slow jam with a vocal that is just as emotional as the music behind it. “CTL” has a certain organic feel that makes it all warm and fuzzy, which is just the vibes you’ll get when it takes over the airspace around you. DUX has impressed us in the past, but this may be the best record in the catalog. Stream it today and get ready for more dope tunes to come as this year unfolds.

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