“Sweet Nothing” only premiered yesterday on BBC Radio 1, but it’s already making waves around the world. UK favorite Calvin Harris collabs on another catchy tune with Florence Welch (of Florence + The Machine), and the result is such a sweet something.

A funky bassline begins the song, before transitioning back into the area of House/Electro-pop that made Calvin Harris famous, all topped off with Florence’s vocals throughout the track. Not only a song that juxtaposes love against melancholy, a deep want for something from nothing, “Sweet Nothing” is also a song that stays in the moment, a song that reiterates and conveys the needs of going out and dancing to forget your troubles. Harris’ melodies enhance the lyrics by communicating the mixed emotions and nuances that the vocals alone can’t do. This song is going to be all over radios and in clubs, so listen to it here!

’Florence Welch ft. Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing’
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