The Crooked Paintings crew have a couple of huge things going on currently. First, they partnered with BMG and the record they’re kicking off the partnership with is a new one from the one and only FRND. The song “Erase” isn’t something you’ll want to erase from memory any time soon and given how good it is, it’s not going to let you forget.

“Erase” is the next step in FRND’s unique pop/electronic crossover sound. Right from the get go he snags you with catchy chords and his subsequent voice that soothes like few others can. For the first minute that’s all we get – and that’s all we need. However, he expands the sound with percussion and ends up building into the chorus/drop. It’s an immensely beautiful record whose slow pace sets you at ease. Once the climaxes hit, you’re let in fully to the world of FRND. We’ve been in love with his records, but this one may be our favorite.

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