When someone says Miami, so many things come to mind right?

The beautiful white beaches, the hot weather, the tanned and good looking ladies and gentlemen and maybe, or you should think, an electric music domain.

An artist who calls Miami home just dropped an unbelievable 3-track EP earlier this week for Mixmash Records called Rock This Dream. His name is fairly unknown but his music is far from that. He literally fell into the laps of electric fans everywhere this year with his undeniable banger “Hit It” and has not slowed down long enough for many people to catch his name. But if you are lucky enough to hear his music then you sure as hell should help spread his name; Henrix. A Brazilian who has called Miami home long enough to be a native, is an electronic artist Miami is proud to call one of their own.

His EP starts off with “Rock This Dream” featuring Roland Clark which is an instant fist pounding, body jumping tune full of high energy electric beats and heart stopping drops. Henrix takes us on an electric music journey with this song, telling us how electric music “feeds us all and sets us free…takes us to a place beyond our imagination.” Truth. He follows up with “Viral”, a beat full of amazing drums that feels like you are in an action/thriller video game. With my gun drawn, I wander through the levels as Henrix brings the beats high and then drops them to a dirty low. Time to save the world. His final song, “Losing My Mind”, with Jakob Liedholm featuring Gieuseppe Viola, is a song with a story of a man who cannot get a woman off his mind, hence he’s losing it as we do in this electric music cloud. This song makes me want to close my eyes because I can feel every beat that was put into this tune. Henrix does an amazing job on this whole EP taking his listeners on a journey along with him, never sounding the same but exposing each ear to a new electric sound and feel in each song.

Remember, Henrix, the proud electric artist from Miami who is about to fall into the laps of the rest of the electric music world. Watch out.

’Henrix Ft. Roland Clark – Rock This Dream (Original Mix) Preview’
’Jakob Liedholm & Henrix Feat. Gieuseppe Viola
Losing My Mind (Original Mix) Preview’
’Henrix – Viral (Original Mix) Preview’
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