Imad Royal

With a recent signing to Nice Life, Imad Royal, formerly known as Royal, knows exactly what he wants to accomplish. “Troubles” is the second original that followed up his impressive Cycles project from the beginning of this year, and the tune bolsters his trademark mesh of pop and electronic into a short, but sweet package. Stuttering and strong synths sliver beside his massive drum work, which you may notice is similar to his side project with SoySauce, and his foray in utilizing his own vocals has become one of the most prominent features of his releases. Imad Royal continues to intrigue, and his journey with Nice Life is set to be exceptional.

His sights are set on the future, his loyalty goes unquestioned, and he prides himself on his friends and the accomplishments they’ve managed to capitalize on together in his lyrics on “Troubles.” It makes a lot of sense, as he has worked with quite a few auspicious artists up to this point in his career, and has even been involved in producing a Panic! At The Disco song. Needless to say, 2015 has been Imad Royal’s year, and “Troubles” gives us a thrilling glimpse into this new chapter that he’s opening up.

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