If you’ve been following us in the past few months then the name JVLY might be familiar to you. He’s been releasing a string of singles as free downloads off his debut EP which has finally come to the public in full. Ache is complete with five singles and has been released independently by the Sydney producer.

JVLY doesn’t fit nicely into any one genre category. His music is a mixture of electronic, hip-hop, future and more. Each song on the EP has its own sonic space, it’s not simply a collection of tunes that all sound the same with one distinct hit. The title track is surely up there, but with the overall quality of the EP at large it’s hard to pin down one clear winner. That’s how you know you’ve got something really exceptional on your hands. Ache is now available on iTunes for those looking to get a copy.

’Stone (ft. SARAI)’
’Namek (ft. Chester Watson)’
’Void (ft. SARAI)’
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