In 1709, a harpsichord maker in Italy made the first piano.

Many years later, in a town in Pennsylvania, a young man named Joe Torre sat down and began his own musical journey. Many of you may be scratching your heads trying to figure out who Torre is so I will use the name he decided upon just over two years ago, MitiS. Torre grew up playing all things classical and spent much of his life performing with the black and white keys of this classic instrument. After playing in such legendary places as Carnegie Hall in NY and the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, Torre realized that he was developing a new love, an electric music kind of love. He calls electric music the “new age Classical” of this generation and has decided to devote his musical talent to expanding the sound of electric music.

His new EP, which drops today, shows just how musically talented Torre is by the way he mixes his music and meshes all sorts of electric sounds to make unbelievable songs, each and every one of them. All six songs on this EP each have their own unique feel but each carry that undeniable electric sound. Let’s start with “Born” which is on there twice, one the original mix and one, an amazing combination with the striking vocals of Collin McLoughlin. The song starts with a delicate piano entry leading into the vocals of McLoughlin with rising beats. The song adds in some fitting drops that carry the piece to a higher level. Then there is “In My Eyes”, again, a song with coordinating electric beats but that has a lot of piano and drum overlays. Torre does an amazing job of adding just the right amount of soft and loud to this song, making it an addicting piece. My personal favorite is “Innocent Discretion” which begins with an amazing piano solo followed by an upbeat electric fall out of sounds. The piano rings strong through out this song and I think Torre sticks to his roots by bringing in the one instrument he has always been comfortable with and sending its love out into the electric music world for all his fans to enjoy as well.

Listen to this whole EP, I’m not kidding you will not be disappointed. This is one of those EP’s that you download and put immediately onto your phone so you can drive around with the windows down, the chilly spring air just kissing your face and the electric sounds of MitiS echoing through your ears.

’MitiS – Born (Original Mix)’

’MitiS – Endeavors (Original Mix)’

’MitiS – In My Eyes (Original Mix)’

’MitiS – Innocent Discretion (Original Mix)’

’MitiS & MaHi – Blu (Original Mix)’

’MitiS feat Collin Mcloughlin – Born (Vocal Mix)’
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