Definition: Oh Shit!

1) Expression used when a man realizes his latex friend is no longer holding him back.

2) A DJ/production duo based out of Los Angeles made up of Devoe and Dirty Seaner.

Now this might be a tricky one, but it is I am definitely referring to the latter. Oh Shit! tracks are dirty, filthy, and heavy; which is exactly why we love them so much. If you like electronic music but you are tired of the crazy stretched out frequency changing melodies, deep baselines and vocals peppered with effects than unfortunately you are in the wrong post my friends because this duo not only drops it like its hot, but picks it up again.

Tha Illest ft Messinian (Night Drugs

’Tha Illest ft Messinian (Night Drugs.mp3′

Tha Illest ft Messinian (Original Mix)

’Tha Illest ft Messinian (Original Mi.mp3′


Here are 2 older tracks from them including one remixmed by Fat and Ugly Fuck

Disgusting (Fat and Ugly _Fuck That)

’Disgusting (Fat and Ugly _Fuck That_.mp3′

Oh Shit! (original)

’02 Oh Shit!.mp3′

Like what you hear? Get more tracks from them on Beatport: Part1 and Part2

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