To be honest, the last time I heard of UK producer/DJ Sinden was when he was a part of The Count and Sinden and they had just released “Beeper.” That was back in 2008, when EDM just started getting a glimpse of the mainstream spotlight in the US (and A-Trak released a catchy remix of “Beeper”).

Today, Sinden is making his way back to the American limelight, with a remix of “Take A Walk,” by Passion Pit. His take on the song is far different from the original, but still maintains a summeresque feel. The production on this remix contains some eclectic elements, such as the 80s synthestration, wobble, and emphasis on percussive components. As a whole, this track grew on me with each listen. Catching just some of the subtleties in the mix, I appreciate how his complexities in the track manage to balance the minimalistic groove into a well-produced package. If you’re up for venturing into relatively new musical territory, give this a listen.

’Passion Pit – Take A Walk (Sinden Remix)’

Download the remix for free here.

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