Best of Me

John.k moves forward in 2018 with his first original of the year. “Best Of Me” is a smash, further showing just what John can do with his musical creativity. As he’s done before, but maybe to a higher degree here, he mixes genres beautifully for a wonderful record.

“Best Of Me” has an old-school feel to it with a few modern treats mixed in making this a hit for crowds of any age. It’s invigorating, lively and inspiring with its message that John defines simply below. John.k is set to have a massive year this year and this is just one of the many steps he’ll be taking to the top of the game. If you’re not on board yet, you will be after this one.

‘Best of Me’ is about evolving through young love, admitting to past mistakes and committing to giving someone the best possible version of yourself.
– JOHN.k

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