Aptly described as “Short Films” on RKCB’s SoundCloud, “Ignite” effortlessly brings a story to life through lush, layered soundscapes and flawlessly sung lyrics.

Comprised of Riley Knapp and Casey Barth, this Los Angeles-based electronic duo is known for their avant-garde, often unpredictable songwriting abilities. They consistently and pleasantly surprise listeners time after time, and “Ignite” is no different.

Inspiring lyrics, impressive tone, and a flexible range come together in harmony to illustrate unseen imagery for the listener, taking them along for a near four-minute ride. It’s a sultry fusion of soulful RnB structure and delicate, inventive electronica, crafted around what seems to be a very personal experience:

Ignite is a story of telling your best friend that you are in love with them for the first time and balancing the first sparks with the long burn of your feelings. – RKCB

If you’re feeling this track from these two Angelinos, make sure to watch out for a new EP, which drops later this summer.

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